Welcome to W1RLY!

The Northeast Rally Radio Club is an amateur radio club specifically dedicated to rally communications in northeastern North America. We’re a niche group of the ham radio community, but by banding together as the rally community as a whole does, we can improve the quality of communications at events we support. We support all stage rally and rallysprint events and are not affiliated with any particular sanctioning body. The club will help arrange classes and acquire equipment for use at rallies, up to and including portable repeaters to help cover difficult terrain. Our club callsign is W1RLY.

Anyone who is interested in the unique application of amateur radio to stage rally and RallySprint is welcome. An amateur radio license is NOT required to join. Feel free to check out and join our Facebook group as well.

The purpose of this web site is to post and preserve the collective wisdom of the group regarding amateur radio communications at rally events. It’s difficult to find information in a Facebook group so the best tips and tricks about ham radio, rally, and how they work together will appear here. Though our group is based in the northeast United States, we hope that radio and rally enthusiasts everywhere can make use of this information as well.

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