The Technician Question Pool Is Changing!

If you’ve been studying for your Technician license, make sure you take your test by June 30, 2018. Why? Because a new question pool just came out that will be used from July 1 through 2022.

From time to time the question pool gets updated to reflect changes in rules and regs or new communication modes. The National Conference of Volunteer Examiner Coordinators has just released the new Element 2 question pool into the public domain. This means that publishers and developers have time to incorporate the new question pool into books, websites, apps, and other training materials before the change takes effect July 1. That way, you can study for whichever version of the question pool will be in effect at the time you take your exam.

Realistically, question pools don’t change much over time. It’s likely you could pass a test with the new question pool if you only studied the old one. So don’t stress out over this — you won’t have to start from scratch if you fail the Tech exam in June and have to take it again in July. It’s just something worth knowing about so that the questions on the exam will look as familiar as possible to you.

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